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  • 4 Levels of Resistance
  • 30-Day Money Back


1. Start in the extended position with your shoulders and back locked in the Plank Position, activating your core.

Reverse Crunch Technology

2. Lift your knees in a reverse crunch firing your abs!

Reverse Crunch Technology

Power Plank® is recommended for anyone!
Young or old, beginner or advanced shape because it SAFELY activates your entire core.

improve your


Incredible Core Workout Rock Hard Abs Firmer Buns and Thighs Sculpted Lean Body
Power Plank - Success Stories
Lost 60 pounds with power plank

"When I get on the Power Plank it relieves my stress. I feel so much better afterwards because I get all that out. It’s a big part of my life now!"

Lost 30 pounds with power plank

"I’ve lost 30 pounds! I went from flab to fabulous!"

Lost 20 inches with power plank

"I’ve lost 20 inches 2 inches off my arms, about 3 inches off my hips and it just makes me feel better about myself."

reverse crunch and cutting edge technology

Stop all the back breaking fads that don’t deliver and create a new you by harnessing one of the powerful techniques of the last 2,000 years. Power Plank® combines the most natural strengthening pose of the far east with the reverse crunch and cutting edge technology designed to give you the most incredible core workout in history.

The Power Plank® is a total body core workout that you can do, in your home, in just minutes a day. It will give you a sculpted lean body, firmer buns and thighs and the rock hard abs you’ve been looking for.